Imalytics at a glance

Advanced clinical research functionalities

The core of Imalytics is composed of a series of advanced clinical research functionalities for the preparation of studies, including related examinations from different modalities. These functionalities are part of our “Guided Workflow” concept, which allows to review and evaluate images in a logical and efficient way, featuring:


• advanced image visualization
• automatic rigid and non-rigid co-registration
• advanced segmentation tools
• time-saving image processing tools
• quantitative measurements
• multiparametric analysis
• C++ programming interface for the integration of your own algorithms
• state-of-the-art research algorithms

Imalytics provides valuable pre-set scripts as well as the possibility to adapt them for the automation of your specific workflows. This way, saving time and ensuring consistency in repetitive procedures.

In addition, Imalytics offers supplementary modules* that target complex requirements of specific research areas, offering advanced tools, for the proper analysis of specific cases:

Use Cases

A state-of-the-art solution for every case


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Accurate pharmacokinetic modeling at high computation speed

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