Research Dosimetry Solution

The STRATOS Dosimetry Solution is an advanced research software package for 3D voxelized dose calculation in nuclear medicine, using SPECT/CT and PET/CT data. It allows the calculation and visualization of patient-specific dose maps for targeted radionuclide therapies.

Key features of the STRATOS Dosimetry Solution:

• complete workflow for multiple 3D images, including registration, segmentation and visualization
• calculation of voxel-wise residence-time maps
• calculation of voxel-wise energy-dose distributions using different approaches:

     convolution using Dose-Volume-Kernel (DVK), according to MIRD pamphlet 17

    Local Deposition Method (LDM)

• supported therapy isotopes: I131, Y90, Lu177, Ho166, Rh188, P32, Sm153 (others on request)
• support for all SPECT and PET imaging isotopes, enabling both prospective as well as retrospective studies
• calculation of dose statistics and Dose-Volume-Histograms per region
• tissue density correction based on the CT scan
• HTML report with key results and images from the analysis


You can also use planar images as input for the calculation of 3D maps in dosimetry imaging procedures.

This means that you can adapt the analysis to your clinical workflow and use a combination of 3D scans and planar images, considerably shortening the overall imaging time.

Note: STRATOS is an additional module for imalytics sold separately

Special Case:

Click here to learn more about the possibility of personalized dosimetry with Yttrium 90

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Caution: Imalytics and its modules are for research purposes only. Not for patient diagnosis or patient treatment planning.

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