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Dosimetry Service

In targeted radionuclide therapy research, it is crucial to get patient specific dose maps for every case.


In most research studies, patient-specific dose maps are not generated. Instead, the dose-distribution is calculated with excel sheets or using generic models that are far from being patient specific.


In order to provide a solution for this situation, Philips offers a calculation service for voxel-wise energy-dose distributions using SPECT/CT or PET/CT data. This way, researchers can have access to patient specific dose maps, which have been calculated using the dose-volume-kernel approach according to the MIRD pamphlet 17.


This way, the research center sends Philips the anonymized and registered DICOM Images with the respective information about the case. If dose statistics for specific Volumes-of-Interest are required, the respective segmentations can be included too.


The dose-maps are then calculated and send back to the research center, which receives following results:


  • A Voxel-wise residence-time-map in DICOM format
  • A Voxel-wise dose-map according to the MIRD pamphlet 17
  • Dose statistics and dose-volume-histograms for any delivered volumes-of-interested
  • A report in HTML format with key results and images from the analysis


Support of all SPECT and PET imaging isotopes, enabling both prospective as well as retrospective studies

Supported therapy isotopes: I131, Y90, Lu177, Ho166, Rh188, P32, Sm153 (others on request)


For SIRT using Y90 the calculation of voxel-wise energy-dose distributions can follow different approaches:


  • Convolution using Dose-Volume-Kernel (DVK), according to MIRD pamphlet 17
  • Local Deposition Method (LDM)


To get a quotation on this service please send us an email to




Dosimetry Service


The dosimetry service is for research only. It is not to be used for patient diagnostics or treatment planning.

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