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Pharmacokinetic Modeling

VOXULUS is a pharmacokinetic modeling research software, which allows you to obtain quantitative parameters from dynamic imaging data. The available models support your research in many areas, including studies of metabolic processes, hypoxia, cell proliferation, perfusion and receptor binding studies.
Key features of the VOXULUS Pharmacokinetic research modeling software include:


• efficient computation of parametric maps based on fully analytical mathematical solution
• voxel-wise and regional parameter estimation
• statistical analysis of modeling results, correlation plots and histograms.
• full control over model parameters setup
• flexible combination of models for input and target function
• possibility to define your own analysis protocols


Available compartment models include:


• Generic 1 and 2-tissue compartments
• Blood flow models with 1 and 2-tissue compartments
• FMISO/FAZA 2 and 3-tissue compartments
• Lammertsma and simplified Lammertsma reference tissue models
• Mono-exponential ADC model

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Caution: Imalytics and its modules are for research purposes only. Not for patient diagnosis or patient treatment planning.

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