Personalized dosimetry for 90Y

Thanks to the latest advances in medical imaging and oncology tracers we are arriving to an era in which personalized medicine is finally a reality.

90Y selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT) is a good example of the possibilities that the future affords.


The initial challenges of acquiring 90Y images in diagnostic quality have been meanwhile sorted out. The time is ripe to concentrate efforts on the application related dosimetry questions, i.e. in the quantification and transpolation evaluation of dose distribution and uptakes. Imalytics, with its flexible approach, provides state-of-the-art tools for the dosimetry analysis of 90Y, including:


• Voxel-wise residence time and energy-dose

• calculation of voxel-wise energy-dose distribution using different approuches:
    • Convolution using Dose-Volume-Kernel (DVK)

     Local Deposite Method (LDM)

• Physically correct kernels for 90Y

• Dose statistics per region and dose-volume-histograms


The dosimetry analysis in Imalytics takes place in just four steps, as you can see on the right side.

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Caution: Imalytics and its modules are for research purposes only. Not for patient diagnosis or patient treatment planning.

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