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Different generations, different cooking habits

Did you realize that Millennial moms, who represent 46 percent of female Millennials, have an intense desire to cook healthy meals for themselves and their family? In fact, it has been reported that six out of 10 millennials report eating healthier than their parents:

  • 7 out of 10 of Millennial moms are watching food videos weekly
        -  68 percent purchase food products featured in videos they watch
        -  And nine out 10 are open to watching branded content
  • 35 percent of food and beverage product page views are accessed from a mobile device and 40 percent report using a smartphone while shopping in stores.

In addition, it seems that nearly four in 10 GenZs(those born between 1995–2009), including 51 percent of teens, have recently cooked a meal from scratch. Kids today are interested in food and empowered to use the latest cooking devices and share recipes and food hacks online. So, take advantage of the trend! Ask your son or daughter to take over some of your healthy meal planning and cooking. You’ll get a break from cooking, your child will take pride in his or her abilities and the whole family may encounter a new world of taste.

Oct 3, 2017