Heart health


Dine out sensibly

If you and your loved ones dine out regularly, make sure you consider the health aspects of the food you enjoy in restaurants. WebMD offers several tips to help you choose wisely with an eye to reducing calories and thereby lowering your cholesterol:

  • Watch the bread basket! Make sure it’s not always within your reach. If you must indulge, pick up the smallest piece possible, ideally the one with seeds.
  • Ask for water at the table, and drink a glass before your food arrives.
  • Avoid foods described as buttery, buttered, fried, pan-fried, creamed, escalloped or au gratin (with cheese), or those coated in a rich cheesy sauce.

You might also skip a cocktail before dinner (most are high in calories) and say no to the dessert tray. End your meal with a cup of coffee, espresso or tea instead.

Oct 6, 2017