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Investor relations


Philips - our strategy

Our strategy


Philips is a strong industrial company focusing on HealthTech and Lighting Solutions. Our business portfolio and domains are well positioned to capitalize on global trends that create great opportunities for profitable growth.

Philips annual report 2014

Annual report 2014


CEO Frans van Houten and CFO Ron Wirahadiraksa look back on a challenging 2014 and the advances made in driving value for our customers and other stakeholders.

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December 18, 2015

Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Latest financial results

On Monday, October 26 2015 at 7:00AM CET, Royal  Philips released its third quarter 2015 results.


Philips corporate governance
For many years Philips has pursued a consistent policy to enhance and improve its corporate governance in line with US, Dutch and international (codes of) best practices.
Philips risk management
Philips' risk management focuses on the following risk categories: Strategic, Operational, Compliance and Financial risks. 
Philips integrity awareness
Acting with integrity is at the heart of our culture, and is part and and parcel of our company's mission and vision.

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