ElektroCouture - The video

    “The cool thing with fashion is: Fashion designers know how to tell stories. And we give fashion them another tool to tell their story. We help them with technology, which is usually very unemotional. But with that combination you have the possibility to reflect your mood during the day.”

    ElektroCouture - The Start-up’s story

    The Start-up's story
    ElektroCouture is a fashion technology house aiming to marry fashion design with technology. For instance, we make light wearable and our collections are still as bendable, comfortable and washable as any other clothes. We have a seamstress who knows how to solder and an electrician who can hand sew. Our studio welcomes like-minded designers to use our equipment and of course to discuss their ideas. Berlin is so great for us because here the chance that a designer and a technician meet at a party is very high. And also everything is equal here and not as outrageously expensive as in other fashion metropolises.

    Fab Lab Berlin - The Video

    Fab-lab Berlin
    “People can come in, use our technologies to really create and build things. If you think 10 years back, it was quite unimaginable that something like this can happen. The very special thing about Berlin is this vibrant community of creative people. I think, that adds a lot of value to this place.”

    Fab Lab Berlin - The Start-up's story

    Fab Lab Berlin is an open digital fabrication studio and one of Berlin's finest maker hubs.The lab is embedded in an ecosystem of small and big enterprises, research and education institutions and a strong community of thinkers and makers dedicated to driving progress in digital fabrication. Hands-on creation of physical prototypes with digital fabrication tools is the best way to understand the technological concepts. That is why we built a physical workshop that offers open access to digital fabrication technology.

    Photocircle - The video

    photocircle video
    ''Photocircle is a social startup from Berlin. We sell fine art photography and through the sales of those pictures, we support projects in the countries or regions where the pictures were taken.”

    Photocircle - The Start-up’s story

    The Start-up's story
    Photographers often rely on the internet to sell their pictures. However, almost never do the subjects of their work profit from the sales. This is where we come in: it is Photocircle's mission to give something back to the protagonists of our photos. Whenever a picture is sold, both the photographer and Photocircle donate up to 50% of their profit. This way, we have already financed 53 development and education projects – the social and ecological problems we aim to address are manifold.

    Senic - The video

    “We want to blend technology into the background, so that we can really focus on the people in front of us again. In the future, there must be a better way in which we can interact with technology. And that’s why we started the company.”  

    Senic - The Start-up’s story

    The Start-up's story
    Senic is a Berlin-based hard- and software start-up. We replace graphical user interfaces, like on a smartphone, by embedding technology into small objects to create more natural and direct user interfaces. This is how we developed Nuimo. It makes technology simple and accessible to everyone – allowing your attention to stay on the things and the people that matter. Berlin is great for a number of reasons. There are a lot of artists and musicians here, a lot of people who are driven by their passion and this is the same with us.