Philips at IFA 2018

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IFA center stage performances

Watch our performers bring our innovations to life at our center stage at IFA
Philips SmartSleep


Philips Sonicare Solution: Teledentistry

Sonicare Teledentistry

Philips S9000 Prestige shaver

S9000 Prestige shaver

Pregnancy+ by Philips Avent

Pregnancy+ by Philips Avent

Philips High-Speed Connected Blender

High-Speed Connected Blender

Philips 5000 LatteGo

5000 LatteGo

Feel better


S9000 Prestige. The world’s closest electric shave. Uncompromised skin comfort.

Tastes better


LatteGo. Aromatic coffee varieties from fresh beans made easy.

Sleep better


With our SmartSleep solution you're more likely to feel energized during the day.

Care better


With Sonicare teledentistry solutions you have a convenient and reliable way to make informed decisions on a treatment plan for your oral health.

Start better


Pregnancy+ by Philips Avent, everything you need in one app to provide support and guidance through all stages of pregnancy.

Eat better


Our smart blender and app system gives personalized advice that helps you to achieve your healthy living goals.

There's OLED and there's   

Oled +

The difference is real.

The difference is real.

Light smarter


Philips Hue. The world’s most connected lighting system for your home. Easy to set up and expand.

Better Me, Better World

Better Me, Better World


We believe there’s always a way to make life better, which is why we created the Better Me, Better World initative. As well as rewarding our customers, we're inviting you to help shape the good causes we support. Together, we'll make life better for everyone.