How to descale
your Philips Coffee machine


Why descale my Philips machine?

In short, descaling your coffee machine helps you with the following:


  • Prolongs the life of your coffee machine.
  • Ensures correct coffee temperature.
  • Minimizes the noise created by the coffee machine during brewing.
  • Avoids repair costs due to lime scale damage.
  • Ensures perfect tasting of your coffee.

Select your Philips machine for clear descaling instructions

Philips Grind & Brew
HD7761, HD7762

Philips Café Gourmet
HD5407, HD5412
Philips Avance Collection
HD7688, HD7689, HD7698
Philips Café Gourmet Basic
Philips Intense Collection
HD7697, HD7696
Philips Generic
All other

Descale your Philips machine with the right descaler

Most acids, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfamic acid and acetic acid (vinegar) will either damage the pipes and tubes inside your Philips machine or not dissolve limescale properly. An exception to this are pump-less drip filter coffee machines, as these have thicker pipes that allow white vinegar to be use. However due to the strong odor we recommend SENSEO® descaler for drip filter coffee machines. Therefore please only use the specially developed descaler products displayed below.

How often should I descale?

Some coffee makers will remind you when to descale with an LED light. If your coffee machine does not offer this, you need to determine the water hardness yourself. You can:

  1. Use a water hardness measurement strip (click here to buy): hold the stripe 1 second into tap water, wait 1min and compare it with the chart for how often you will need to descale.
  2. Ask your water supplier directly.
  3. Visit this website to check your approximate water hardness by postal code.


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