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There's always a way to make life better

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IFA 2017 day 1

IFA Day 1 - There’s always a way to make life better

IFA 2017 recap Pieter Nota

Recap of the keynote speech by Pieter Nota

IFA 2017 day 2

IFA Day 2 - Lorem ipsum dolor Philips appliances

Our best ever toothbrush, for complete oral care

High-performance brush heads and personalized coaching enabled by smart sensor technology offer exceptional brushing results.

Offering new parents peace of mind

Understand and support your baby’s healthy development with a dedicated app and connected digital products.

Enjoy hair-free smoothness, for up to 8 weeks*

Innovative hair-removal technology delivers the ideal treatment for your skin tone and hair type.
*Measured on legs after 4-5 initial treatments, individual results may vary.

Cleaner air for the home

There’s nothing more fundamental to good health than clean air.
Egbert van Acht

Will AI revolutionize the next wave of personalized health?

Egbert van Acht - Business Leader Health & Wellness