Get ready for the challenge of your life!

It’s easy to become a real astronaut. All you need to do is cross the Karman line, 100km up above this earth. Philips can take you all the way there...and back.

You´ll look great in a spacesuit

Why should NASA astronauts have all the fun? If space is the final frontier, Philips can provide you with a passport to the other side. In partnership with XCOR Space Expeditions, we will soon be offering space flights that take off and land from Curaçao or the Mojave Desert, giving a select number of private individuals such as yourself an experience you’ll never, ever forget.


Be rocketed into space

Philips will soon be offering space trips to a number of lucky people to celebrate the power and wonder of innovation. We have always believed in the ability of innovation to transform lives, which is why our researchers and designers continuously innovate to improve the products we make down here on earth. But nothing will beat the rush of exhilaration that you’ll get if you win a ride on the XCOR Lynx spaceship. It truly is the height of innovation.

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