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August 31, 2017

Protect skin from the harmful and ageing effects of pollution with the Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution

Berlin, Germany – At this year’s Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin, Germany, Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) showcases new products and services that empower consumers to take an active role in managing their health and well-being to get the most out of life. 


Many women are now enjoying vibrant, city lifestyles which allow them to both work hard and play hard. However, the stress and pollution associated with urban living are increasingly leaving tell-tale signs on women’s complexions. Pollution in particular is becoming an increasing issue, not just for the atmosphere, but also for skin. Extremely small in size and able to penetrate skin easily, pollution particles can cause harmful reactions with the natural chemicals in women’s skin and cause devastating effects to their complexions. Not only does pollution lead to dull, tired and sagging skin, but can lead to more serious problems such as the degeneration of collagen, premature ageing, pigmentation and wrinkles.  


“Pollution particles are extremely small which is why they can remain suspended in the air for such long periods of time” explains Rianne Meijerman, Business Leader Philips Beauty. “In fact pollution particles can be up to 50 times smaller than the size of a pore, meaning that cleansing by hand is ineffective. The flat surfaces of women’s fingers are unable to reach inside pores to clean them, they need specialized cleansing tools to help remove the harmful pollution and prevent adverse reactions, such as premature ageing, from occurring.”


As a result, Philips has developed the Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution, a three-in-one skincare tool, specifically designed to provide women with an effective facial routine to counteract and prevent the harmful effects of their city lifestyles. Featuring three innovative attachments, the Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution effectively cleanses, massages and refreshes tired, pollution damaged skin to give women a radiant and healthy glow and help them to discover their beauty, every day. 


Clinically proven to be as gentle as hands, but with the power to remove up to 100% of pollution particles, the new Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution effectively purifies dull skin and prevents the harmful ageing effects caused by pollution. The new anti-pollution cleansing brush head featured on the Philips VisaPure Anti-Pollution uses a charcoal sponge center and silky soft bristles, which work together to dislodge even the smallest of pollution particles from pores. The charcoal sponge, which is made from bamboo wood, works like a magnet to attract and absorb the dirt and oil clogging the skin, helping to cleanse 11x more effectively than hands1 and enabling women to achieve refreshed and radiant complexions despite their busy city lifestyles.


Featuring a Revitalizing Massage attachment, the Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution provides women with a stimulating massage to relax the skin and increase its radiant glow. Developed with leading Japanese massage experts, the Revitalizing Massage attachment increases blood flow to the skin and delivers a firming and lifting effect, helping to revive tired, sagging skin and provide women with a healthy glowing complexion.


The Fresh Skin attachment featured on the Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution works to give an instant boost of freshness to tired skin. The cold ceramic surface instantly cools down stressed skin whilst the vibration movements simulate the tapping you would receive at the end of a salon treatment. This provides women with a three-in-one, at-home facial tool which effectively counteracts the damaging effects of fast-paced, city living.


1 Philips Data on File 


Philips at IFA

The Philips press conference takes place on August 31st at 12.15 pm in Hall 22, Messe Berlin. The live stream of the event can be seen at www.philips.com/ifa. Egbert van Acht, Business Leader Health & Wellness, and per October 1, 2017, Chief Business Leader of the Personal Health businesses at Royal Philips, will be joined on stage by Kostas Vouzas, General Manager Europe at TP Vision and Chris Worp, Head of Business Group Home, Philips Lighting.


For further information on the latest Philips innovations at IFA 2017 please visit www.philips.com/ifa, follow Philips at IFA on twitter @PhilipsLiveFrom, or visit our additional social media channels on YouTube and LinkedIn.

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