OEM Customers

CO2nnect & Go – Flexible CO2 Monitoring Solutions

At Respironics, our commitment to our OEM customers is stronger than ever. As a recognized global leader in capnography and respiratory monitoring, Respironics has been providing innovative and cost effective solutions to our OEM partners for over 20 years.

Novametrix Medical Systems was incorporated in 1978 and sold pressure monitoring and transcutaneous devices and later developed capnography, pulse oximetry, flow, volumetric capnography, and noninvasive cardiac output products. In 1989, Novametrix began to private label their pulse oximetry technology to customers and continued to expand their customer base by selling capnography, spirometry and accessory products. In 2002, Novametrix was acquired by Respironics, a global sleep and respiratory medical device manufacturer. Then, in 2008, Royal Philips Electronics acquired Respironics. Philips is a global leader in healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle products.

Today, OEM Respironics serves as a customer centric capnography and respiratory monitoring company by providing customized and innovative products. The OEM Respironics Team offers comprehensive technical, clinical, and marketing support as well as assisting our customers with integrating our product solutions into their host devices for quick, easy and reliable monitoring solutions.

OEM Mission Statement

To save lives by providing world class sensors and clinical decision support technologies focused on respiratory applications which exceed customer expectations.


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