Illuminating soccer fields and community life



Light up your Life extends the sporting and social day for isolated and low-income communities in Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, by providing sustainable LED lighting.

Light up your life

Illuminating soccer fields and community life

In poorer countries, there are many isolated and low-income communities that have no access to public lighting. When the sun goes down in the evening, communal life comes to a standstill and families retreat into their homes.


The new project Light up your Life provides innovative LED technology to light up soccer fields that are central to communities, enabling children in low-income areas to play sports in the evening. Illuminated soccer fields extend the day not only for sports, but also for many other areas of life. They open up possibilities for healthcare and education, as well as for social and commercial activities.


Light up your Life follows on from the Light up your Game project held in 2013 and 2014, which delivered high-efficiency LED technology to rural and urban communities in Latin America. This new project will illuminate soccer fields in 20 communities in four Latin American countries – Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Light up your Life is a joint investment by Philips and IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), and is supported by the NGO IDEAAS, which has long experience in sustainable energy access for isolated and poor communities.


Besides providing lighting, the project also aims to stimulate community integration and development by establishing partnerships with local associations, community leadership and government. Roundtable talks will be held with the communities to discuss long-term sustainability and the possibility of generating income from the use of the soccer fields.