Ultrasound access in rural areas of Uganda

Life-threatening birth complications can be identified early on using ultrasound. ITW is identifying finance models for low-cost ultrasound imaging in remote parts of Uganda.

Every day in rural Uganda, 555 birth complications occur, which lead to the death of over 6,000 Ugandan women a year. In addition, for every death there are six survivors who have to contend with chronic, debilitating health conditions, such as fistula. Although ultrasound has proven to be instrumental in the early identification of these complications, its limited availability and lack of trained personnel mean that it is not widely available in rural areas.

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Imaging the World (ITW), co-founded by Dr. Kirsten Destigter, is committed to bringing affordable, high-quality ultrasound imaging to remote communities. Together with imaging, one of ITW’s goals is to identify sustainable business models for medical technology in low-resource settings.
Ugandan woman ultrasound
Expanding on its ongoing partnership with Philips, ITW has now teamed up with the Philips Foundation to identify and implement sustainable business models into the healthcare ecosystem of rural Uganda. Establishing sustainable and increased sources of funding will allow ITW to create new health clinics and impact the lives of an additional 35,000 Ugandan women and babies a year.
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