Possibly the most advanced shaver on this planet

A top-quality shave

Do you want the best shave you’ve ever had – and to repeat that experience every time you shave? It’s time to get acquainted with the Philips S9000. It’s our most technologically advanced shaver yet, which is why we couldn’t resist testing its capabilities under a variety of extreme conditions. One of them was zero gravity. And our test pilot got a great shave. 

Scientific experiments in space
The ultimate test for any item must be to put it into a rocket-propelled vehicle and whoosh it off into space. That’s why our partner XCOR Space Expeditions will be carrying out scientific experiments during the space flights it will be operating in the near future. After all, if something performs perfectly 100km above the earth, you know you’ve got something very special in your hands. With the Philips S9000, we’re already convinced you do. Here’s why:

V-Track Precision Blades
Take a good look at the rotary head. On the outer track, V-shaped geometric slots to catch most hairs. On the inner track, special teeth to catch and cut long or flat-lying hairs. Result: a close shave in minimal strokes, leaving your skin in great condition.

Contour Detect Technology
The Philips S9000 hugs your face closer than any other model. The shaving unit itself pivots back, forth, left and right. On top of this, the primary and secondary tilting rings move back, forth, left and right independently of the shaving unit. The total of eight possible movements results in a uniquely close shave.

Personal comfort settings
Feeling a bit sensitive today? Or need to rush? Personalize your shaving experience by choosing the Sensitive (1800RPM), Normal (2000 RPM) or Fast (2200 RPM) setting.

AquaTec wet & dry
Thanks to its AquaTec seal, the Philips Shaver Series 9000 is entirely waterproof. You can even use it to shave in the shower. You can lubricate it with foam or gel for extra smoothness, or just use it dry if you prefer.

Smart Clean System
A fresh shave every day is what you get from this special storage system. It cleans, dries, charges and lubricates your shaver at the touch of a button. The dual filter means you can say farewell to shaved hairs and gel on the shaver heads, and hello to optimal performance throughout your shaver’s lifetime.

Free space flights
On top of getting useful accessories like a beard styler, trimmer and cleansing brush, you could actually win a free space flight. Already the shaver of choice for high-flying pilots, the Philips Shaer Series 9000 could point you the right way to a ride on the XCOR Lynx spaceship. To find out more about this extraordinary opportunity, join the mission.