Acute Coronary Syndrome – fast and accurate patient triage

Acute Coronary Syndrome patients with high-risk profiles must be identified, monitored, and treated early. Philips supports healthcare providers in identifying high risk cardiac patients at early stages of disease progression.


In acute cardiac care, the priority is the highly important time-critical decision making factor – the ‘discovery-to-treatment’ time. When dealing with acute cardiac patients in critical-care settings such as the pre-hospital setting or the Emergency Department, it is essential that the patients receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible. As a result, doctors working in these environments often have to make crucial decisions in a very short space of time.


Today STEMI patients can be diagnosed in the pre-hospital setting using the Philips Diagnostic ECG system. As an additional diagnostic tool for tomorrow, Philips is developing Minicare, a handheld testing platform that aims to produce lab equivalent results of cardiac markers within minutes. With the potential to enable ambulance paramedics to identify NSTEMI patients in a pre-hospital setting as well, thereby clearing a path from discovery to treatment.

Future applications

Our future applications will be aligned with the core strategy of Philips Healthcare with the right symbioses between In-vivo and In-vitro diagnostics, but our Minicare testing platform may not be limited to Healthcare, many applications can be envisaged where speed and ease of use are of importance.