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My algorithm

is out there.

Saving lives.


My algorithm is out there. Saving lives.  

I think deep learning is one of the fastest growing, and most exciting fields out there. A hot topic in the press, I can see it’s beginning to unleash a wide range of opportunities in computer vision, language translation, and speech recognition.

Deep learning technology can also save lives by helping detect curable diseases early. As deep learning and healthcare are extremely important to Philips, I would like to share some insights with you today about my work as a Research Scientist (Data Science) at Philips Research in the Netherlands. Without giving you the specifics, I can tell you that deep learning tools and techniques are set to revolutionize healthcare applications, medicine and diagnostic outcomes.


I’m very excited to see deep learning start to make a difference as it gets more and more integrated into Philips products and services. As healthcare becomes more digital, it will provide an unprecedented era of opportunity to reshape healthcare and create a healthier society.


A rapidly accelerating technology, deep learning a major breakthrough in terms of accuracy and speed. It’s ability to read and interpret really complex image signals is where I believe deep learning makes a difference. You can take an image and figure out where an organ is located. You can split the heart into its different components. Of course doctors can already do this, but now they can do it extremely quickly and efficiently.


Currently my algorithms are applied in the fields of medical imaging, clinical decision support, and continuous personal health. With so much data being generated in the medical domain, deep learning technology has enabled us to think in new ways. Like creating tailored medicines specifically for individuals, rather than a broad range of people. I think this makes deep learning not only exciting, but also a really rewarding career.


I think Philips is in a unique position to be able to create new value out of deep learning. It's a very different feeling when you know your algorithm is out there, and it's contributing to the health and well-being of patients and saving lives.


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