Feb 20, 2018

6 ways to make your career in health technology a smashing success

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What you choose to do with your professional life says a lot about who you are and the things you value. And the decisions don’t stop the moment you accept a job, either. Once you’re on the career path of your dreams, your daily professional choices not only have an impact on your happiness, they also influence how successful you’ll be at the job at hand.

New to the field of health technology? Welcome! If you’re hungry for innovation in your career, then great, because that’s exactly what drives us at Philips. If you want to improve people’s lives across the globe, then even better because making life better is our passion too. We asked some of the zaniest, brainiest people at Philips about what has made them successful at their jobs. Here’s what they said worked best:

1. Creating unique connections

Creating unique connections

Unlikely pairings make for great partnerships. When two people have distinct backgrounds, skill sets, and interests, they have the opportunity to learn new things and encourage one another to think differently and creatively. Christine Welsh, our Senior Creative Lead, couldn’t agree more.

“Connect with people outside of your discipline,” Christine advises. “There are so many different people with experience to learn from, so it pays to just grab a coffee and chat with people outside of your own, familiar space.”

If you find someone’s work interesting, consider reaching out and introducing yourself. You never know who will inspire your next career move.

2. Expressing yourself

Expressing yourself

Great news: you’re an interesting person whose thoughts and contributions really matter! (You’ve always suspected that, didn’t you?) This is especially true as you look to develop yourself and your professional personality. If you have a brilliant idea that you think could have a positive influence on your work, share it with others.

“Always take time for ‘garden thinking’ or freestyling ideas,” urges Kurt Ward, a Senior Design Director, who’s known for his whiteboard room filled from floor to ceiling with clever concepts. Vocalizing your innovative thoughts means sharing your greatest asset with colleagues. Yes, there’s always a degree of risk when you share a piece of yourself with others, but in contributing to the conversation, you help move your career – and your organization – ahead.

3. Loving what you do

Loving what you do

What excites you and triggers your imagination? Where would you work if they’d hire you? What projects would you love to get involved with if given the chance?

Pavan Dadlani, a Senior Scientist, had the simplest advice: “Do what you enjoy the most.” It’s easy to forget this when you’re looking for a job and have bills to pay, but doing what you enjoy will keep you motivated and further your career in the long run.

Loving what you do also matters the moment you realize that you’re too comfortable in your current role. Finding an organization that supports moves across departments, as well as growth within individual teams, will ensure that you have new and exciting professional challenges at the ready. This way, you always love what you do, even as you grow and change.

4. Making a difference

Making a difference

When you look back on your career someday, what do you hope to see? If you want to be remembered for your contributions, have an impact on the world around you. Stepping up, standing out, and touching lives through your work are guaranteed ways to make your mark.


Dionisio Nunes, a Research Scientist, explains it like this: “If you tiptoe your way through life, you’ll never leave a footprint . . . so make a difference.”

5. Embracing your team.

Embracing your team

You’re happily not alone on your professional road to success.

“Don’t forget that you’re part of a team,” says engineer Ana Ruiz Molina, E2E Business Transformation Specialist. Your teammates are your professional support system. They’re working towards similar goals, and together you share the responsibility of tackling even the most challenging projects.

Among your teammates, you may find your most influential mentors and dearest friends: individuals who push you to be your very best self. At Philips, we’re lucky to work with some of the brightest, most curious people in the industry, and our diverse culture reflects our desire to work collectively while honoring our unique perspectives. After all, we are only as good as the people who surround us.

6. Celebrating your success

Celebrating your success

You’ve worked hard and you’ve accomplished something. It took time and effort. It took pep talks and sleepless nights – or maybe it just took a few minutes of deep thought. Regardless of size or impact, you deserve to stop and recognize your accomplishments.

“Celebrate your success!” exclaims Innovation Director Maarten Van Herpen. “Be proud of what you accomplish and celebrate with your team.”

By paying tribute to your own efforts, as well as those of your teammates, you subtly remind yourself that the work you do is valuable – that you are valuable – and that your career is a meaningful, exciting journey.


Want to hear more about Christine, Kurt, Dionisio, Pavan, Maarten and Ana’s stories? You’ll find them and more on our podcast series The Spark, available here, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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