Feb 27, 2018

8 tips to help you land a job at Philips

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Now is a fascinating time to join Philips. If you’re looking to shape the future of a leading health technology company, and looking to drive your career towards your passions, then we’re looking for you. So you can get a seat at the interview table, we sat down with our top recruiters to find out how to get hired at Philips.

1. Refresh your online profile regularly with current projects and your core skills

It goes without saying that you should update your Linkedin profile when you’re on the hunt for a new job. But Philips recruiters are also proactive about finding the right candidate, to offer you the right fit from the start.


2. Don’t be afraid to be your best online brand

Do you have a personal or professional website or profile page? And if you work in Software Development or Digital, are you active on Stack Overflow or GitHub? Share the links on your profile, so any company looking for the best people will be impressed by who you are.


3. Stand out with creativity in your application and online presence

It doesn’t matter if you’ve followed a non-linear path in your career, or if you think and do things differently. If that’s you, come to the front please! It’s really common for people to switch roles as they grow their career at Philips.


4. Showcase your knowledge

It pays to delve a little deeper than the last video we posted on YouTube. We’re always looking for interesting, interested people with initiative and enthusiasm. It’s a key skill for innovative projects you’ll be working on.


5. Smile and let your personality shine in your first interview

At Philips, we look beyond your resume. We love to get to know the stuff that makes you human, that makes you ‘you!’ The more unexpected, the better. Because at Philips, you’ll get the opportunity to embrace the unexpected.

8 tips to help you land a job at philips

6. Be passionate and inspire us with your career vision

At Philips you’ll be working on solutions to big problems that require genuine drive. Being passionate about what you do is essential. So what excites you about your future? And how can we help you?

7. Collaboration is key

We recognize that we’re at our best when you’re at yours. So it’s about mutual benefit, and collaborating to win. In other words, at Philips your voice will be heard.

8. Be honest with us. We’ll be honest with you

The culture at Philips is a wide open one. We’re extremely supportive and enabling of our employees, and once in the role you’ll have a wide scope to stretch yourself and your skills. We admire those with confidence to say so, and who have an openness and willingness to learn.


Working at Philips gives you the opportunity to drive your career in an incredibly diverse, innovative organization that helps improve billions of lives around the world. If these thoughts excite you check out the careers section of our website and check out what we’ve got for you. A brighter and better world needs people like you.

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