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Jelte Peter Vink

I love working with cutting-edge technology and harnessing it to improve the products we develop

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Name: Jelte Peter Vink
Position: System Architect
Joined Philips: September 2007 

My name is Jelte, and I am a system architect specialized in Digital Pathology. My primary role is to take responsibility for the technical elements of Philips’ pathology slide scanners, while also supporting the continual develop of the product.

The department is focused on helping pathologists work more efficiently, and the main way we are doing that is developing a solution that can scan tissue slides Pathologists use to diagnose an illness under a microscope, and digitizing them. We are helping to bring pathology into the digital age. Our solution makes it easier for pathologists to consult a colleague, which could mean that patients have a shorter wait.

The team is relatively small and I definitely think that works in our favor; we all know each other’s strengths and, because most of us are based in the same location, processes can advance quickly.

Many roles, including mine, don’t have rigid boundaries, and that means we have a lot of freedom; we are all required to chip in with ideas and work together to get any project over the line, and that is a great system to be part of.

I love working with cutting-edge technology and harnessing it to improve the products we develop. There is a complete digital revolution going on at the moment within pathology and it’s amazing to be at the centre of that transformation. Not only that, but I know the work I am doing could eventually end up saving someone’s life.

When it comes to healthcare, technology advances incredibly fast, and for us that’s very exciting. It means we are always striving to go one step further, and are constantly pushing to enhance all aspects of the product’s design. We have very short cycles for some of the releases, and that means we can get updates out quickly.

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