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Ivan Wu

Everything at Philips is a collaborative effort; we are all striving to achieve the same goals.

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Name: Ivan Wu
Position: Software Architect
Joined Philips

I work as a software architect, which means I assist with coding and design, and also dictate some of the technical standards that shape Philips’ software.

When I joined Philips I knew it was a hub for innovative and pioneering healthcare technology, and that impression has only strengthened during my time here. Everything we do is geared towards producing the solutions of the future, and it makes me very proud that I’m working to improve and save lives.

A great example of Philips constantly looking to discover and deliver new products is the annual Innovation Tank event, which encourages developers to cultivate concepts and present prototypes. This is a great way of giving employees a chance to bring their ideas to life, and to address issues that may otherwise have been missed.

Every Philips project, be it large, small or something fun for Innovation Tank, requires input from multiple individuals, so it’s essential that everyone working here is willing to receive suggestions from those around them. Everything at Philips is a collaborative effort; we are all striving to achieve the same goals, and that can only be accomplished through effective teamwork.

Philips has such a vast array of products – products that are being improved all the time – so there really are unlimited opportunities for those looking to enhance their own abilities and improve their knowledge of the company. For me, the scope of work available, and the plethora of opportunities offered, is what differentiates Philips from its competitors.

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