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I love seeing a challenge, and then breaking it down to find a complete solution

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Name: Ophir Harran
Position: Software Development Tech Lead
Joined Philips: 2013

As software tech lead for the Spectral CT Unit my role is to provide guidance and operational assistance to other software developers. I ensure that projects are seen to completion, and that everything we produce is of the best quality and comes in on deadline.


We are currently working to improve the capabilities of CT scanners so as to help doctors and clinicians see things that may previously have gone unnoticed. The conventional CT only has so much information in it, and our goal is to develop software that enables them to look at data in more detail so they can analyse scans more efficiently.


What excites me the most about programming is solving problems. I love the process of seeing a challenge that may at first appear impossible, and then meticulously breaking it down so as to find a comprehensive and complete solution.


I’m always trying to look at everything from the patient’s perspective. I’m driven to achieve the best results possible anyway, but by understanding the needs of the patient it gives me additional impetus to produce technologies that can really make a difference.


The work my team and I are doing really improves people’s lives; the importance of the healthcare products we are developing shouldn’t be understated, because what we are creating genuinely helps people to be healthier and happier.


It’s an exciting time to be involved with developing healthcare technologies, especially for enthusiastic programmers. The landscape is constantly shifting, and the digital revolution is really transforming the way we look at challenges. Our products are becoming more inventive and more innovative, which is better for the consumer, the patient, and also for Philips.

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