LoFlo Sidestream CO2 Sensor

Cutting edge CO2 technology for patients in the ICU, OR, and EMS applications.

LoFlo Sidestream CO2 sensor in useAs a recognized global leader in capnography, Respironics has been providing innovative and cost effective solutions for over 20 years. The LoFlo sensor is the ideal capnography solution for all your CO2 monitoring requirements. Respironics provides comprehensive technical, clinical, and marketing support to help meet the growing needs of your business.


  • Ideal for non-intubated patients
  • Proprietary sample cell protects internal NDIR components from contamination
  • Common connector allows easy exchange between mainstream and sidestream monitoring
  • Robust and long life pump reduces periodic maintenance
  • No calibration required
  • Unique accessories & supplies for all patients
  • Private label option

Internal or External Application...

Internal or external application Respironics offers the LoFlo engine for internal integration into your monitoring system.

It's your choice!

Easily movedThe LoFlo sensor's small, lightweight package is designed to be shared. It is easily moved from room to room to connect to your device or during transport.

Mounting Options!

Mounting optionsMount the sensor to a bed rail, IV pole, or leave as part of the system cabling.

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