The GBP are an integral part of Philips’ labor contracts – and are available in most of the local languages – in virtually all countries where Philips does business. Responsibility for compliance with the Principles rests primarily with the management of each business.

A monitoring and reporting structure for deployment and compliance has been set up, which makes use of existing control mechanisms, such as the Statement on Business Controls, as well as business review and other audits. This has resulted in a well-established GBP infrastructure (network of compliance officers, half-yearly reporting, global complaints database, global rollout of hotlines and e-learning).

To reinforce awareness of and compliance with the GBP, a web-based GBP training tool has been rolled out throughout the company in 22 different languages, covering more than 95% of the employees with online access.

On an annual basis, global internal communications programs are rolled out with the participation of the Board of Management, Group Management Committee and the respective Sector, Area and Country Management.

Compliance Officers are regularly enrolled in dedicated e-training programs that include complaint-handling procedures and dilemma training. Furthermore, since 2007 there has been a worldwide train-the-trainer program for compliance awareness. This yearly two-day training program is mandatory for all Philips compliance officers across the globe.