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Code to Care

Software developers at Philips

Philips software developers don’t just work with code; their work is fueled by an innate code of caring to provide solutions that make people’s lives better.


At Philips we have access to the latest technologies and work on a range of breakthrough projects. But our focus is not on simply creating gimmicky gadgets or video games; we harness and enhance technological innovation to improve every phase of life, in a variety of health areas, for billions of people each year.

We develop systems, tools and applications that tackle the world’s most significant medical and consumer health challenges, such as cardiac disease prevention, cancer diagnosis, air purification, and well-being in pregnancy, to name just a few. We aim to produce the healthcare solutions of the future.

Philips employs (and appreciates) the most dedicated, passionate and skilled software developers; those skilled in their craft and devoted to using their abilities to build a healthier, more connected society. That is why, as well as offering an attractive compensation and benefits package, Philips offers its software employees the following:

Innovative projects that really matter

Our coders work alongside some of the best and brightest developers in the world to develop revolutionary solutions used by consumers, doctors and patients around the globe. Project opportunities span the entire healthcare lifecycle, from healthy living and disease prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care innovations.

A culture of collaboration

Philips employees have access to a large family network of over 70,000 committed individuals, as well as the ability to work in a small team dependent on each other for success. Developers operate in Agile environments and are encouraged to immerse themselves in ongoing collaboration forums such as virtual hackathons, innovation workshops, and training days to learn, experiment, discover and succeed in an environment focused on cooperation.

A healthy balance of life and work

Our people love what they do, but it’s not all that they are. At Philips our mission is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025, beginning with our own employees. We understand the importance of a healthy and flexible balance between work and personal life, and have a global flexible working policy in place to ensure all staff members can achieve that equilibrium. After all, we don’t just care for others; we care for each other as well.

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Our coders in action

Meet some software developers who #codetocare

  • Coder profile

    Eli Zino - Software Unit Manager

    Software is complex, and making something robust that will work without encountering problems or technical hitches is difficult, but our teams are full of intelligent people working with the industry’s most advanced equipment.

  • Coder profile

    Ophir Harran - Software Develeopment Tech Lead

    As software tech lead for the Spectral CT Unit my role is to provide guidance and operational assistance to other software developers. I ensure that projects are seen to completion, and that everything we produce is of the best quality and comes in on deadline.

  • Coder profile

    Jenny Bruk -Technical Leader

    We’re breaking new ground, and I love being part of a team making exciting healthcare tech advancements, where we are constantly looking for new opportunities to put coding skills to good use.

  • Coder profile

    Masha Nikolski - I4 Project Lead

    I enjoying working with technology and being at the forefront of innovation, and Philips allows me to continually expand my knowledge and keep searching for better, more efficient ways of operating.

  • Coder profile

    Ronen Solomon - Head of R&D, Genomics Oncology Venture

    Our aim is to find the root cause of cancer in each individual scenario, and DNA analysis is the most accurate way of doing that. Genomics allows us to understand cancer in a way that cannot be achieved through MRI and CT scanning

  • Coder profile

    Yuan Liu - Software Engineer

    By routinely remaining in contact with medical professionals we can see how our products are being utilised, meaning we can make amendments when necessary, and can also see how our work is positively impacting people.

  • Coder profile

    Jeff Wei - Senior Software Engineer

    We are constantly having to learn from our mistakes and revaluate decisions, because that is the only way of ensuring that all products are of the highest design specification.

  • Coder profile

    Ivan Wu - Software Architect

    Everything at Philips is a collaborative effort; we are all striving to achieve the same goals, and that can only be accomplished through effective teamwork.

  • Coder profile

    Alex Hunt - Software Engineer

    From the very start Philips has given the team the time needed to fully flesh out concepts. We have a lot of control over what we prioritize, and I have yet to meet anyone in the organization that is unwilling to assist if they can.

  • Coder profile

    John Dickinson- Software Engineer

    I still find it amazing that the team I work with develops code to run an application meaning medical professionals can see inside people with nothing more than a smartphone.

  • Coder profile

    Sarah Jeung - Software Engineer

    It’s wonderful to know that what I am doing is helping physicians and clinicians to do their jobs more effectively. I am assisting in delivering a product that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

  • Coder profile

    Gopi Thillaiwasan - Senior Technical Specialist

    Philips is a place where your software codes become part of innovations that matter and could save lives. I am proud to be part of this organization where I code to care.

  • Coder profile

    Sagar Puzhakkal Mohammad - System Architect

    It is good to know your passion, but it is great to find a platform that catapults your passion into products which bring visible betterment in people’s lives. Philips gave me the confidence to boost my career prospects with endless innovation possibilities.

  • Coder profile

    Rashmi Rao - Mobile Application Developer

    Seeing the tangible benefits that my codes have brought in others’ lives puts a big smile on my face every day I go to work at Philips. It also made me go after perfection in the work I do to create incredible products day in, day out.

  • Coder profile

    Maria Zapata Ferrer - Software Developer

    One of the great things about working here is that everyone knows what they are doing is making a significant difference. We are creating technology that will shape how medical experts work in the future, and that provides everyone with the motivation and desire to continue innovating.

  • Coder profile

    Jelte Peter Vink - System Architect

    I love working with cutting-edge technology to improve the products we develop. There is a complete digital revolution going on at the moment within pathology and it’s amazing to be at the center of that transformation.

An Insider view - Philips workplaces

Philips has global impact, with operations and career opportunities in over 100 countries and 17 markets. Most of our developers are based in the United States, Netherlands, Israel, India, China and Singapore. Here is a sneak peek into a few of those locations.

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