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We’re always seeking ways to grasp new opportunities and ensure Philips remains synonymous with quality.

Name: Erik Raadsheer

Position: Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Personal Care

Joined Philips: March 2011

I like to open people’s eyes and show them that complex doesn’t always mean better. By doing things in a straightforward manner you can often achieve higher quality results, simply because people will have an improved understanding of the situation. My team’s role is to remove any unnecessary hurdles.

In our industry there are always boundaries to cross, and I like to be as close as possible to breaching those lines. My team and I are here to make Philips’ operations stronger and more efficient; every company needs guidelines and regulations, and it’s essential that we provide clarity so as to limit unnecessary delays and frustrations.

I like my team to look at regulations and find where there is room for improvement. We actively pursue meetings with clients, customers and colleagues to drive change and ensure quality is embedded in everything we do. Q&R is instrumental to Philips’ ongoing success story, and we strive to ensure that will always be the case.

In Q&R you can make improvements that really benefit the business as a whole. It’s a fun environment because we are constantly ready to take on challenges and test ourselves. We solve problems, and we’re always seeking ways to grasp opportunities, streamline processes and ensure the Philips brand remains synonymous with quality.

We lead change, and are at the forefront of innovations that are pushing Philips forward. It’s an exciting time to be part of Philips, but especially so when it comes to quality and regulation and our ongoing transformation. We have the opportunity not only to enhance the company’s offering, but also to help people forge a career they are proud of. We are setting industry benchmarks, and we are constantly looking to hire talented professionals that will never settle for less than perfect. 

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