LED retrofit

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Discover our new LED retrofit ranges

The more you can see, the better you perform, the faster you react and the safer you are. 

So don’t let darkness win, choose Philips and start driving at night with greater confidence and control.

Stunning illumination range

Brighter. Whiter. Stronger

Which LED retrofit range do you need?

Ultinon LED

  • Brighter LED headlights: up to +160%*
  • Up to 6200 K color temperature for pure white light
  • Brighter LED signaling and interior lights
  • Long-lasting LED lights (up to 8-year lifetime)
  • Good light diffusion

X-tremeUltinon LED

  • Brighter LED headlights: up to +200%* 
  • Whiter LED headlights: up to 6500 K 
  • Brighter LED signaling and interior lights 
  • Longer lasting LED headlights (up to 12-year lifetime)
  • Superior light diffusion 
  • Innovative features: AirFlux, AirCool, Cerlight**

*Compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulbs

Find the right LED for the right function

Upgrade your automotive lighting performance and your style with the complete range of Philips LED retrofit lighting for your vehicle. Featuring Philips innovative technologies (AirFlux, AirCool, CeraLight), Philips LED retrofit lighting provide an intense bright beam and a  uniform light distribution to improve visibility and enhance contrast. Passionate drivers get ready!

Car model


Exterior Light

Interior light

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
LED (≈H7)
Audi A1
LED (≈H7)
Citroen DS4
LED (≈H7)
Citroen Picasso
LED (≈H7)
Citroen DS3
LED (≈H7)
Ford Focus
LED (≈H7)
Mercedes Benz SLK
Nissan Juke
LED (≈H4)
Nissan Qashqai
LED (≈H7)
Opel Astra
LED (≈H7)
Peugeot 208
LED (≈H7)
Peugeot 207
LED (≈H7)
Peugeot 308
LED (≈H7)
Renault Mégane III
LED (≈H7)
Renault Scenic
LED (≈H7)
Seat Leon II
LED (≈H7)
Seat Leon III
LED (≈H7)
Seat Ibiza V
LED (≈H7)
Skoda Octavia
LED (≈H7)
Smart Fortwo
LED (≈H7)
Suzuki Swift
LED (≈H4)
Toyota Yaris
LED (≈H4)
VW Polo
LED (≈H4)
VW Tiguan
LED (≈H7)
VW Passat
LED (≈H7)
Dacia Duster
LED (≈H7)
Mini Cooper
Renault Twingo III
LED (≈H4)
Skoda Yeti
It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements.

Why choose Philips lights?

Optimal lighting performance for your safety and comfort
DOT/SAE and ECE certification and homologation
Original Equipment for the most reliable performance
Sustainability: lead and mercury-free products - because we care