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Just who is Dr Allan Peterkin?

Introducing our Grooming Expression Expert
1000 Beards

Grooming guru, cultural history boffin and all round nice guy, Dr Allan Peterkin is our resident self-expression and male grooming expert.

Not only is Allan a psychiatrist and lecturer at the University of Toronto, he is also a prolific scribe on the topic of male grooming and has written ace titles such as ‘1000 Beards – A Cultural History of Facial Hair’ and also ‘The Bearded Gentleman – The Style Guide to Shaving Face’. He’s also into fridge art but ask us about that another time...


Dr Peterkin has been interviewed on the topic of male grooming by a who’s who of the world’s media including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Esquire and Shortlist. When it comes to all things male grooming related, Dr Allan Peterkin really knows his onions.

Dr Allan Peterkin Web

Allan will be sharing insights from his vast knowledge in the field of grooming and will be helping men to understand a little bit more about the importance of self-expression as well as telling you how you can achieve the looks you’ve always wanted, whether it’s sideburns, bushy beards or a macho mustache.

So make sure you look out for Dr Peterkin’s twice monthly posts on the Philips ‘Express Yourself Every Day’ website and the Philips Male Expression Facebook page. Allan will also be solving all your grooming quandaries through a regular Question and Answer section, so make sure to get posting your questions on the Facebook wall and the best of your questions will be answered by the good doctor himself.

Allan will also be looking into the reasons why more men aren’t experimenting more with their look as well as examining the links between male grooming and wider self expression, and how the two can go hand in hand, much like beards and mustaches.

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