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How long should a short beard be?

How long should a short beard be?

It’s a beard, not just stubble! There’s nothing like a perfectly groomed short beard to encourage curious female fingers. Call it the pussycat effect: if your beard is soft and sleek, it’s sure to get stroked. This popular style is a definite statement of manliness, and may also feel more comfortable than 3-day growth.

Don’t go too far
Looking in the mirror, lean your head back and place a finger above your Adam’s apple. Then feel from here under your jawline on either side, to work out your natural ‘beard neckline’. Below this line, your neck will look best shaved or closely trimmed, but the beard itself should cover your whole jawline. To define the upper contours of your beard, shave your cheeks and around the top of your moustache. See how to do it.

Yes, length does matter
3mm to 12mm is a good length: long enough to be a definite beard, but short enough to look like you’re in charge of it, not the other way round. Play around to work out which length looks best on you, and use the lock-in length settings on a  Philips trimmer to keep it even all over.  

Take good care
Trim your beard regularly to stop it growing wild. Use a touch of shampoo, followed by conditioner, to clean and soften it. Smooth on some beard oil to keep it neat and avoid irritation. If it looks good and feels good, it’s good to go.