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How to Grow an ‘Anchor Beard’

Anchor beard

Ahoy there, matey!

Despite the rugged and weathered looks which come to mind when you imagine an ‘Anchor Beard’, the reality is much more stylish and suave. Instead of an ‘unshaven fisherman at sea look’, it cleverly combines the goatee, chinstrap and handlebar mustache to brilliantly resemble an anchor in a much more fashionable manner than you would imagine.

Do you have what it takes?

If you really fancy trying a distinctive look and prefer to set the trend rather than follow it, you could use this style to voice your inner grooming self-expression.

How to achieve it

Whilst it can be a very “out there” look it is not one that is easy to achieve or pull off. To wear it best you need to have a square or oblong face. This beard will require a precision trimmer such as the Philips Stubble Trimmer Pro  as you should initially trim your beard using a 3-5mm setting and the trimmer helps to draw out the shape you want to achieve. This beard is somewhat of an art which will become easier to attain over time but if you are determined and want to give it a go take a look at our step by step guide on the Philips Male Grooming Website.


Keep it anchored in place

Don’t forget that to keep your anchor beard in place and neat rather than letting it drift away from you and turning you into the long lost sailor you were aiming to avoid. Keep your Anchor Beard in check with regular trims, shaves and daily wax to keep the whiskers tamed and in place.

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