Male grooming

What kind of beard do you call that?

Example of full beard

If variety is the spice of life, a Full Beard gives you more than enough tastes to sample. Depending how you grow and trim it, your own Full Beard can look anything from classic to weird. Giant beards are intrepid. Medium and small ones are bold and cool.  Assuming you can grow enough chin fur to play around with, and don’t mind being stared at as you walk down the street, here are your options:

Beam me up. Scotty
Short boxed beard

Short Boxed Beard
This is the traditional way of wearing a Full Beard. Your sideburns, moustache and beard combine to form an all-in-one display of masculinity. By shaving your upper cheeks and your neck and trimming the rest, you define the shape and keep the whole thing tidy. A classic look.


Long Beard
The accessory of choice for rock stars or extreme creatives, this one deserves to be worn with a confident gaze.  Just remember to style it, otherwise before you know it, it’s turned white and reached your knees. And people are calling you Gandalf.  


french fork

French Fork
Want a truly different look? Pirate Jack Sparrow has made this style cool again. And if you´re wondering about the name, it´s because French forks originally only had 2 prongs. As Jack would know, of course.

Stiletto beard Leonardo Dicaprio

Stiletto beard 
Rounded at the sides and perfectly pointed at the end, this style is harder to achieve than most men realize, but it looks great when combined with short hair. You may need some gel to shape it correctly into a kind of ducktail shape. You’ll know you’ve got it right when old ladies start throwing bread

The Amish (Old Dutch)

Mostly worn by hyper-literate guys, this Full Beard is worn square and without a moustache. Sometimes the top of the chin is left bare too. This style is popular with the Amish, who speak Pennsylvanian Dutch – actually a dialect of German.

“It’s a beard, Jim, but not as we know it.” Proof that watching too much Star Trek can play havoc with your facial hair choices.

Verdi beard

Verdi beard

One of the coolest styles out there today, this is a short, round-bottomed beard named after the composer who wore it to write some of his best operas. You should wear yours with slighly shaven cheeks to show off an interesting moustache.  

Santa Beard
Is it real? Can I pull it? Not if you want any presents this Christmas.


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