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A study recently has revealed that women prefer their men clean shaven and I have to admit that, to a certain extent, I agree. Whilst a little stubble can be extremely sexy, it can have its downsides. As as a 23 year old female working in the male grooming industry I felt I should give a little insight into why, as women we have this opinion, so I have taken it upon myself to provide a few answers for the men out there who are as against this research, as we are for it.

shutterstock_92831578Thor's Chris Hemsworth

But, why are women so opposed to beards? Having asked a few friends, the reasoning seems to vary from woman to woman. Whether it’s that beards remind us of our dads, or that we think they look untidy, the consensus is that beards are bad.

So I have decided to share with you all a few of the reasons that women are generally against beards.

The hygiene issue

You have to admit that a long scraggly beard looks messy and unkempt. The homeless look is not a winner with any woman! Not only this, but a full grown beard has to be a trap for escaped food. What woman would be attracted to the idea of kissing a mouth close to a potential germ minefield?

shutterstock_63929794This is not Brad Pitt

Saying this, we realise that having a beard doesn’t automatically make a man unhygienic. But an unkempt, un-groomed beard does nothing for any man, other than make him look lazy and suggests he takes no pride in his appearance. Key point to note gents: trim to win! Think about it, if women took the same lazy approach to their grooming routine you wouldn’t like it either!

What have you got to hide?          

Let’s face it, growing a beard is often used as a guise to mask a weak jaw line but, not only this, it completely hides the lower part of your face altogether. I personally like to be able to see a man’s features when I meet him. Is there a man (other than possibly Santa Claus) who wouldn’t look better if they at least gave their beard a bit of a trim?

shutterstock_90468085We all know this is Brad Pitt

Leading Men

If we look at a selection of celebrity heart throbs who have taken the plunge (or lazy approach to facial grooming, as the case may be) it’s rare that the outcome is positive. Think Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Beckham; whilst there is no denying that these men ooze sex appeal from every pore, in all of these cases I am sure most women would agree, they look better clean shaven or, at most, with a five o’clock shadow.

Beards are aging

In the adolescent teenage years boys use their facial hair (or whatever stubble they can muster) to make themselves look rugged and manly and, generally, older. This theory also translates to the older generations. Some women will have grown up with fathers who have full beards and as a consequence equate beards to older men. Enough said.

Sexy Stubble

Whilst as a gender we claim to disliking a full grown beard, when asked, most women will own up to loving a bit of sexy stubble. Whether this is due to the manly rugged connotations that go with it, as long as it’s kept in check and doesn’t become cheese grater-esq then bring it on!

My colleague Will Holloway has decided to challenge my view, so check back tomorrow to get all the hairy details.

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I agree 100%! I hate the homeless man beard look. Gross.

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