Coder Profile

Jeff Wei
Name: Jeff Wei
Position: Senior Software Engineer
Joined Philips: April 2013

I am a senior software engineer at Philips PCMS (Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions) department, and my main roles include programming and coding, as well as overall project management. I help to identify any issues that may arise, and then work with my team to rectify them.

As a company we are always pushing technological boundaries, and that means it isn’t always plain sailing: we are constantly having to learn from our mistakes and revaluate decisions, because that is the only way of ensuring that all products are of the highest design specification. There are always niggles during the initial development stages, but it is the way we react to these stumbling blocks that really matters.

Philips is an established name in the healthcare tech sector, and has been for many years, but that doesn’t mean the company rests on its laurels. We are constantly striving to progress innovative solutions to challenges faced by medical professionals, and that is never going to change. Philips wants always be the best, the most inventive, and everyone working here buys into that philosophy.

I am very happy to be working to help deliver better quality healthcare for the people that need it the most. We are doing great things at Philips; what could be better than developing technologies that save lives? In the clinical world there are always improvements to be made, and it’s great to work for an organisation that always has one eye on the future.