Coder Profile

Yuan Liu
Name: Yuan Liu
Position: Software Engineer
Joined Philips: March 2014

I am a software engineer focusing mainly on aspects of web development. My remit, as with all those who work for Philips, is to enhance the company’s products so as to provide superior levels of care for patients.

My team works closely with customers to get a better understanding of what solutions will benefit them the most. This is essential, because without first having knowledge of existing problems or challenges, we would be unable to comprehensively tackle relevant issues.

By routinely remaining in contact with medical professionals we can see how our products are being utilised, meaning we can make amendments when necessary, and can also see how our work is positively impacting people.

Philips is a great company for anyone with aspirations of innovating through technology. There is more and more young talent joining the company every year, and with each new addition comes a fresh perspective and different set of eyes with which to assess not only our products, but our methods and approaches.

Everything we do at Philips is geared towards one primary ambition; producing solutions that provide genuine and necessary benefits to people’s lives.

Philips’ operation is vast, but our core goal of providing care is prevalent within every department: having a consistent objective that runs through the entire company means everyone is always pushing in the same direction, and that is something not always seen in large companies.