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Sagar P M
Name: Sagar Puzhakkal Mohammad
Position: System Architect
Joined Philips:  November 2011

Different people have different passions which they may choose to follow actively or let them become dormant. And then there are a few who make their passion become part of their career and then thrive on it. I am one of those few lucky ones.

Career has always been an important focus of my life. I have been very passionate about software ever since I started my career. I was fascinated by how few lines of codes can do something as important as help scientists put a man on the moon and bring a person back from the deathbed in a hospital; the latter always caught my attention.

When I joined Philips as System Architect, I was not sure about how I will put my experience in architecting solutions to use. Although a career in the medical domain is what I invariably sought, I was unsure about how this job will add value to my career and overall life objectives. Soon enough, I was part of a team that simply loved breaking conventional barriers to create meaningful innovations.

As a solution architect, I was part of the team that developed the Efficia ECG; a first of its kind diagnostic-quality device that collects and transmits ECG data securely and wirelessly to a mobile device running the medical-grade mobile app.

The device gives direct access to expert consultations for healthcare providers and patients through remote diagnosis. It provides a cost-effective means of recording, measuring, and displaying ECG reports at private clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare centers.

Philips has an open work culture that encourages you to express your ideas, and you get the opportunity to work with cross-functional and trans-geographic teams. When you work with a company that is at the forefront of innovation, you get exposed to great opportunities for learning and adding value to your experience.

It is good to know your passion, but it is greater to find a platform that catapults your passion into products which bring visible betterment in people’s lives. I would give credit to Philips for giving me the confidence and boosting my career prospects with endless innovation possibilities.

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