Coder Profile

Sarah Jeung
Name: Sarah Jeung
Position: Software Engineer
Joined Philips: June 2011 

In my role as a software engineer I primarily work with the mobile application team for Lumify. Lumify is a Philips innovation that allows medical staff to view high-quality portable ultrasound via smart devices. Recently I have been focused on expanding connectivity, which basically means creating ways to integrate Lumify into other healthcare services.

Prior to joining Philips I anticipated that I would just be a number in a huge corporation, but that has by no means been my experience. The work my colleagues and I do is extremely valued by the company and I feel privileged to be a part of the Lumify team; we have accomplished a lot, and we have achieved that by functioning as a cohesive unit.

Since becoming part of the company I have learned a great deal, not only about aspects that directly affect me, but also about the scale of Philips’ operations generally. There is so much intelligent, pioneering software being developed and that’s one of the reasons why people stay here for such long periods of time.

My most memorable moment during the project so far came when I got a first-hand look at how doctors are embracing the product. When I witnessed their reactions and heard them declare how impressed they were with both the image quality and overall design, I felt incredibly proud.

It’s wonderful to know that what I am doing is helping physicians and clinicians to do their job more effectively. I am assisting in delivering a product that makes a real difference to people’s lives.