Coder Profile

Some developers help to diagnose computer problems; we’re helping doctors diagnose cancer.

Eli Zino
Name: Eli Zino
Position: Software Unit Manager
Joined Philips: December 2014

I am a software development manager. I oversee two teams of software engineers, both of which have expanded quickly in the last year, and I’m still looking to recruit additional talent.


My team and I work with the architecture of software development. We are creating bespoke technology that can make a real difference in the world of healthcare. We work closely with physicians because that gives us tangible insight into what will help medical professionals to work more efficiently. We want to help them diagnose and treat patients effectively; in the past there may have been an element of trial and error during the treatment process, and our ambition is to eliminate the need for any procedure that could cause the patient additional pain or discomfort.


Since the age of about eight I’ve been obsessed with computers and technology. In fact, I was so enthusiastic about understanding how computers worked that my father sold his car to buy me one. Learning a new language, constructing complex commands and then seeing an interesting outcome is something that appealed to me then, and still does 30 years on.


Our aim is to produce innovations that can assist vulnerable people, and Philips appreciates how complicated our work can be. Software is complex, and making something robust that will work without encountering problems or technical hitches is difficult, but our teams are full of intelligent people working with the industry’s most advanced equipment.


We are given the sort of freedom that would generally not be found in a corporate environment; we are allowed to be creative, to take ownership, to experiment and work with cutting-edge technology. We have all the benefits of a start-up, but with the support and backing of a huge organisation.  


Philips trusts its employees, and to me that’s incredibly important. I don’t feel I have barriers. There are hurdles to overcome, but that’s the nature of developing brand new technologies. We are afforded the freedom to work as we see fit, and Philips has faith in our ability to produce products that will be market leaders.


Philips is a great environment for anyone that is up for a challenge and wants to work on projects that make a significant difference to people’s lives. Some developers help to diagnose computer problems; we’re helping doctors diagnose cancer.