A successful CocreatorLab workshop requires teamwork. This includes the challenge owner and participants, as well as the dedicated CocreatorLab team.    


Every CocreatorLab workshop is designed around a specific challenge or assignment; this means that no two workshops will ever be exactly the same. The set up and running of the workshop is tailor-made to help understand your objective and deliver meaningful outcomes. The CocreatorLab team will partner with you to deliver a successful workshop from start to finish.  

The people involved in a CocreatorLab

Challenge owner

As the Challenge owner, it’s your workshop and your stakeholders. You will have identified the need for a CocreatorLab workshop because you have a specific challenge to solve. You may have been advised to organize a CocreatorLab through a senior manager or have heard about the offering from another colleague. Whatever the case, you will have got in contact because there is a job to be done and you want the CocreatorLab team to help you.


The participants are all the people from the various disciplines that the Challenge owner will invite to attend the CocreatorLab. They need to be told what they can expect from a CocreatorLab and how to prepare for the workshop. Participants can be Philips employees and/or external (non-Philips) people. They may be senior managers of an organization or have specialist skills or expertise. Each participant will have been handpicked to attend because they can help to understand and solve the challenge.

Senior CocreatorLab lead

When a request comes in from a Challenge owner, it is received by the Senior CocreatorLab lead. They will evaluate the opportunity and work out how best to arrange the CocreatorLab. This contact will also assign a dedicated CocreatorLab cocreate lead and introduce them to the Challenge owner.

Cocreate lead

The Challenge owner is allocated a CocreatorLab cocreate lead to help develop the content and facilitate the workshop. CocreatorLab cocreate leads are selected because they exhibit five key skills vital to ensuring the effective delivery of CocreatorLab workshops.


1. Cocreate expertise - trained in the cocreate approach and tools.


2. Flexing - able to flex their approach to suit the nature of the challenge and topic area. Also skilled in customizing the workshop to tackle complex challenges in two or three days.


3. Facilitating - advanced facilitation skills to manage time and people (including senior attendees).


4. Training - skilled in building knowledge and understanding and coaching teams to change their mindset and embed cocreate thinking.


5. Engaging - able to build confidence in the teams they work with and especially with the Challenge owner(s).



CocreatorLab support team

The CocreatorLab support team organizes all of the details vital to the smooth running of a CocreatorLab workshop.


Responsible for arranging the correct facilities and advising/booking accommodation, catering and transport etc. The CocreatorLab support team will ensure that the workshop attendees have everything they need from start to finish.



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