Cocreate leads

Cocreate leads support you throughout the process

Each Cocreate project is led by a dedicated Cocreate lead. Cocreate leads not only make sure the process runs smoothly and everybody is involved. They also play an active, strategic role.
Cocreate leads support you throughout the process

Thinking, orchestrating
and motivating

Our Cocreate leads take an active role
and think along with you on a strategic level. They are experts at helping your team consolidate and synthesize ideas into clear strategies, propositions and solutions.

They orchestrate cross-disciplinary collaboration. Cocreate leads have the knowledge and experience of involving and managing different stakeholders and guide the journey towards human centered innovation.

Cocreate leads motivate teams to embrace different ways of thinking and doing. They bring a design thinking approach to finding insights, solving problems and framing solutions.
Thinking, orchestrating and motivating