Coder Profile

Yuan Liu
Name: Jenny Bruk
Position: Technical Leader
Joined Philips: January 2014

I’m passionate about providing care and tackling challenges that will give people a better quality of life, and that’s one of the reasons this position, and working on this particular project, is so attractive.

My role involves writing code and designing the architecture for an application that assists radiologists working to diagnose lung problems. The application makes the entire process quicker, more accurate, and ultimately more efficient. Not only that, but this technology provides reassurance to both patients and professionals, which is crucial in what can often be a very stressful environment.

When it comes to any illness you want to be able to detect it as early as possible, and that’s our aim with this product. We’re breaking new ground, and I love being part of a team making exciting healthcare tech advancements, where we are constantly looking for new opportunities to put coding skills to good use.

We create products to help people, to improve lives by offering the best possible solutions to previously unsolved medical problems. I’m honoured to be involved with such significant work; our efforts ensure more people can be appropriately treated before an illness becomes life-threatening, and that’s an amazing feeling.

Outside of work I volunteer at local schools and Philips community programmes, and I’m especially focused on educating teenage girls about technical careers and the benefits of studying STEM subjects. The majority of young girls I speak to don’t have a firm grasp of what sort of profession would best suit them, and it’s important to give them advice so they can aim for a career they will find inspiring for years to come.