Philips responsible disclosure
Hall of Honors

Philips would like to recognize and thank all the researchers who have submitted a vulnerability report and cooperated with us. For those who want to be listed in our Hall of Honors we will list the first reporter of a new acknowledged vulnerability. Thanks to all for their participation, and have made a responsible disclosure to us to help keep the internet and our customers and patients safe.

Hall of Honors


  • Billy Rios (@xssniper)
  • Kravchenko Stas (@zuh4n)
  • Manoj Kumar (@manojkumar2621)
  • Mark Stanislav (@markstanislav)
  • Mike Ahmadi ( / @GraniteKey)
  • S.Venkatesh (@pranavvenkats)
  • Yadnyawalkya Tale (
  • Derek Motloch (@7UuTEQ3PA2w8D6f)
  • Master Putra Praja (@Mus_t4r)
  • Kirk Davis (@NetSecGuru)
  • Alex Iliadis from MedSec, LLC
  • Jose Carlos Exposito Bueno
  • Shawn Merdinger


If you are interested in Responsible Disclosure (Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure) of product vulnerabilities, you can learn more by following this link:


Responsible Disclosure Statement


Last updated 8 November 2016