A challenging and satisfying learning journey!


Name: Maxine Voon

Position: Business Analyst Intern

Department: Population Health Management

I joined Philips as a Business Analyst Intern as part of the Hospital 2 Home team under Population Health Management. During my internship, I designed go-to-market health solutions business plan for clients, which quantifies profitability of specific product lines within key country markets. I also assist my team in research insights for ASEAN’s health care status, which allows our clients to understand the value proposition of our solutions.


My decision to join Philips was largely due to my motivation to be part of the healthcare industry as it has an element of doing good for people. My internship with Philips was enjoyable and empowering.


I enjoyed having the flexibility to work around business ideas, bounce off my thoughts with my team members and supervisors. I was also able to take-charge or ownership of my projects. The most satisfying part of my work was when a junior intern like myself, had to opportunity to work hand-in-hand with like-minded individuals towards providing the best outcomes for the clients.


One of the most memorable part of my internship experience was being part of the business-as-usual operations – being able to assist and play a part in the day-to-day challenges. I recall the few weeks when I was working together with my colleague closely on several business cases. We had to ensure that our formulas behind the giant model was accurate as we were tasked to calculate figures for the management. I was very thankful for a patient and resilient team worker alongside with me – willing to argue and debate about the assumptions we had in the case, working hours just to correct a single mistake. At the end of the day, when everything was finally completed, we both agreed it was a good learning journey. We went through a mini after-action review to reflect on things we could have done better or areas which we had done well, for future reference. It was one task I learnt tremendously from – both the task and from my capable colleague.


Philips encourages work-life balance, relationships and healthy living. I was thoroughly amazed by the number of initiatives, the constant reminders that they had to each other and how they would focus on people more than themselves. Weekly exercise sessions, or even bonding activities to socialise or de-stress, were good avenues for the employees’ wellbeing.

It was funny to also see different managers don on their exercise wear excitedly after work and encouraging you to do the same! I suppose it was infectious enough to even get the interns to be actively engaged with social activities among ourselves, though we were all from different departments. There were times where I enjoyed spending so much time with my own team, I was chided for not joining their [interns] karaoke nights or chill sessions! First world problems of too many social activities!


Philips is a place which you would want to join and be part of the team and family. People at Philips are motivated to be part of the innovation value chain and are passionate about providing better solutions for the world.