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Adapting to change: The journey of a People and Social-Culture Researcher

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Name: Marloes de Wit

Title: People and Social-Culture Researcher

Location: Singapore


Have you ever wondered how we at Philips identify solutions that improve the health situation of mothers living in rural areas? An important part is to uncover the socio-cultural insights that dictate the local market, because it is only by understanding the local situation and its nuances that we are able to deliver solutions that are meaningful to our consumers. Philips operates in over 60 countries today, all of which have populations with unique cultures, so developing this knowledge is essential.


We are a health technology company with a mission to improve people’s lives. We aim to help people overcome their daily challenges, support them in making better decisions every day, and ultimately enable them to live their lives to the fullest.


In my role as People and Social-Culture Researcher, I assess the relevance of existing Philips solutions relative to local consumer needs and expectations, and define how they can be improved so as to suit the market. We are able to set relevant strategic directions when we have a better understanding of people's behaviors, their needs and aspirations for the future, as well as constantly evolving market conditions.  


I always regard my colleagues as consumers as well as co-workers, because this ensures they can contribute with valuable insights from more than one perspective. Even in casual engagements I often learn a lot about local cultures and consumer behavior, which is useful for my research projects.


From a broader perspective, I feel that my work helps to put people at the center of everything that we do. As a conscious and socially minded organization in healthcare, that’s absolutely vital.


I have always been fond of travel and experiencing different cultures. Joining Philips has given me the opportunity to work in various locations and do research across the world. Despite only joining as a graduate only six years ago, I have already held positions in the UK, the Netherlands and Singapore. Some of my favorite moments at Philips have been immersing myself in new surroundings and getting to know friendly and warm colleagues.


Philips offers a great environment for anyone looking to learn quickly and develop themselves across various departments. There is a lot of diversity in the scope of work, and the chance to interact with interesting people that have similar goals, ambitions and interests. We are not just employees of the same company; we share a spirit of entrepreneurship, and are constantly looking to develop ourselves.


As a company we are always evolving, and we are continually looking to recruit talented individuals that can help Philips to deliver meaningful innovations for many years to come.