Evolving and progressing constantly with technology

phaniraj rajendra prasad
Name: Phaniraj Rajendra Prasad
ITGS Service Manager – BGs & O2C
Bangalore, India

I started working at Philips in 2009 as a Technical Specialist. Philips was in fact one of my clients in my previous role. That relationship gave me an insight into both the organisation’s progressive culture and its ambition in terms of how it uses technology. When I came across an opening at Philips that aligned with my career objectives, I jumped at the opportunity.


After joining, the culture that I had already observed – one of cooperation and support – ensured that I transitioned to my new role quickly. Instead of an extensive learning curve, I got the chance to take on more responsibilities as and when I was ready.


I have found that developing your career at Philips is based largely on aspiration; those who want to take on additional duties and show desire are given the opportunity to grow. Plus there will always be managers and senior colleagues willing to help you along the way.


Today, I have a global remit to ensure our applications are working at peak efficiency, while also remaining within budget and optimising costs wherever possible. The best part of my role is not what I do, but how I get to do it; Philips always looks for new ways of working with greater efficiency, which means there is a constant drive to develop more advanced technologies. Being able to work in such an innovative environment is exactly what I want from a job.


As Philips is a global operation, with thousands of employees working in hundreds of different roles, there are plenty of opportunities to meet people that work in interesting sectors and on thought-provoking projects. I get to interact with consumers, suppliers and colleagues. Working closely with so many different people has definitely helped me to develop my managerial skills.


The reason Philips is so keen to evolve its work practices is because the company wants to improve customer satisfaction. By leveraging data analytics so as to firmly understand customer requirements, by ensuring efficient delivery of high quality products, and by continually striving to enhance our communication methods, we are always aiming to put the needs of the customer first.


Encouraging employees to have a healthy work-life balance is another reason why Philips stands out as an employer. The company thrives on its mature work culture, and that means prioritising employee happiness. The ability to work from home, or to work flexibly, is something that not all organisations offer, but it is an option many Philips employees can take advantage of.


In my opinion, the company’s eagerness to promote a great working environment, while also creating products that make a genuine difference to people’s lives, means employees value their jobs and appreciate their work. I’m ambitious and I know that Philips can match my development objectives. In the next few years I want to ensure that I continue growing and expanding my role while also pursuing new initiatives and enhancing my knowledge. There is so much scope for progression, and I love the challenge of acquiring new knowledge and putting it to immediate use.