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How I made the jump from the technical to commercial side of Healthcare 

natasha monina

Name: Natasha Monina

Role: Healthcare IT Sales Specialist
Location: Sydney, Australia

My journey in healthcare began 14 years ago when I made the permanent move from Russia to the United States where I had studied IT.  After graduation, I started my career as an IT Specialist for a medical imaging distributor company. Despite working in IT, I realized that the gap between IT and healthcare is quite small, and that in order to have the best and most efficient patient care, the two fields have to “walk hand in hand”. Plus, as I started to learn more about healthcare on the job, I became very fond of it, and it made me feel proud to be part of an industry which helps save lives. After a few years of working with computers and even turning a few nuts and bolts while fixing X-ray machines, my pursuit for career growth led me to diversify my experience, and I switched to radiology in the form of Picture Archival Communication Systems (PACS). Later I moved to Australia, and it was here where I joined Philips as a Healthcare IT Sales Specialist.


Prior to Philips, I spent 11 years with the same company, where I was yearning to develop myself further and was keen to switch from the technical to the commercial side of healthcare. In my previous role as a Senior Systems Engineer, I was on the operational side of the business, providing technical support and fixing IT-related problems for customers. While this was certainly an important role, I was ready to challenge myself and find ways of building a different type of relationship with customers – based not only on solving their problems, but also on identifying their needs, consulting, providing solutions, and nourishing the relationships.


Philips offered me the trust and support to be able to apply my technical experience in new ways and I am inherently grateful for that. I have worked at Philips for over a year now and have not looked back! In my new role, I am challenged to think on my feet every day because every relationship with our clients is unique – there is never a dull moment!


Coming into the Global World of Philips


Even though I was convinced that I was making the right choice by joining Philips, I did of course have some initial apprehension that comes with a big move like this. I was pleasantly surprised to experience a very smooth transition into Philips. I had a great experience with Philips right from the start - from my initial application until my first day at work — and that made me feel part of the Philips family even before I started working here!


When it sunk in that I was now part of a company with 125 years of history and a brand name almost synonymous with innovation, I felt humbled and excited. So far, Philips has exceeded all my expectations. I really like that Philips is such a diverse company. My colleagues are a wonderfully diverse mix of ethnicities, nationalities and cultures, and as a global citizen myself, this made me feel at home.


With the support from my colleagues, I was able to quickly build the confidence required for the job. I was immediately trusted to meet with clients, to listen to their needs and present them with solutions. It’s the openness of the Philips work culture that helped me easily assimilate into this new environment, and I have not looked back since.


Finding a Career as Unique as You

Adding onto the diversity at Philips - my colleagues also come from a multitude of career backgrounds within the healthcare industry, i.e. radiography, nursing, administration, engineering, and many others. From my point of view, the experience one gathers across a variety of roles and industries ultimately empowers us to make our mark and contribute in our own unique way.


In my new role, the prior experience as a Technical Specialist is definitely a plus, as I can “speak” the technical language with some of my clients and tailor specialized solutions for each of them. I was very happy to learn that Philips also shares this philosophy of well-rounded development.  Many of my colleagues have been with Philips for a long time, and throughout their journey with Philips they have carved unique careers for themselves using the opportunities available within the company. This continues to be a source of inspiration for my own career pursuit!