It is never too late to make the switch – How I joined Philips after 7 years as Radiographer

ervin tan
Name: Ervin Tan
CT Application Specialist

Entering the Private Sector


I joined Philips a year ago as a CT Application Specialist after having spent seven years as a Radiographer at a hospital. Although I have been with Philips for only a fraction of my career, I have learned more about the depth and breadth of the healthcare industry here, than during my time in the public sector, where my work scope was more focused. Aside from overseeing the installation of our healthcare solutions in hospitals, I get to actively share my keen interest for the field by educating healthcare professionals and students about the new developments and innovations within our solutions portfolio. This educational aspect of my role correlates with Philips’ position as a thought-leader, and adds meaning to what I do. I am confident that I am at the right place to make a contribution, however small, in shaping the future of healthcare.


Here at Philips, you are given the right amount of autonomy to fully immerse yourself in your role and guide your professional and personal growth. It is really liberating to be able to put your new ideas into action every day and this is what keeps me pushing for more! Despite working for a multinational corporation with around 70,000 employees worldwide, the flexibility that I am entrusted with gives me the confidence that my individual input matters.


Philips’ global footprint has also provided me with greater opportunities to learn and grow. Through regional collaborations, I have been given the exposure to the healthcare systems of other countries, which has expanded my healthcare know-how on a global scale. My supportive and knowledgeable colleagues have made me feel welcomed from the start and enabled me to begin a smooth and enjoyable learning journey!


Connecting the Dots


In my new chapter with Philips, I have been able to connect the dots between the various factors that play into effective healthcare, making my transition into the private sector extremely eye-opening! What’s more, studying the finer details of the processes that happen ‘behind-the-scenes’ before the application of healthcare solutions in the hospital has enhanced my understanding of the possible ways to drive positive change.


One of my biggest takeaways so far is that my previous perception of healthcare was perhaps a little myopic; I would have defined it as only the physical care that doctors offer their patients. My time with Philips has allowed me to gain a more holistic overview —namely that healthcare is an interconnected network formed not only by those in the medical field but also drivers of innovation like Philips and education bodies; united by the mission of improving peoples’ lives.


With this greater perspective on healthcare, there are so many more touchpoints for innovation and improvement! While the idea of making an impact on the industry did not stipulate much thought during my daily work as a Radiographer, here at Philips, I constantly feel energized and inspired to explore the possibilities to do so. What demonstrates this spirit for me is our open and innovative office space at Philips. When I first walked into our new complex in Toa Payoh, I was amazed by how different and stimulating everything felt and looked.


Taking Charge

Having discovered my passion for education through my new role at Philips, I have taken charge of my first project to address areas due for improvement. Thanks to my public sector background, I recognize that many healthcare professionals would benefit from a deeper understanding of the technology installed in hospitals. My project aims to improve the healthcare education system in Singapore in order to tackle this issue. Improved education will arguably always have a positive outcome, but my key objective is to ease the transition of the next generation of healthcare providers into the field.


Perhaps my Philips story can be of inspiration and show other people that you can take charge of your own development and that it is never too late to make a switch!