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Switching from a job in IT services

Milind Dixit

Name: Milind Dixit,

Role: Competence Group Manager, IT delivery

Location: Philips Innovation Centre, Bangalore (India)


The opportunity at Philips was a perfect fit for me. I had been in an IT services company for 14 years but I felt that I was not able to really see the big picture. I was not privy to how the IT affected the business and the eventual benefits to end-consumers. I mostly dealt with project after project, where the scope would last as long as the project did.

I really wanted to know what the IT transformations ultimately meant for consumers. How has the business really changed?  How do emerging business models dictate innovation in IT solutions? To answer my questions, I decided to take a different path in my career and thankfully, Philips and I had a mutual interest. 

Working in a product company like Philips, it's much more stable than working in an IT services company where there's higher variability and more uncertainties. Here its well-planned and everyone can operate more effectively and efficiently. 

My role in Philips Global Enterprise Unit


As part of the Philips Global Enterprise Unit, we carry out IT delivery in multiple streams. I head the division handling order-to-cash for our healthcare products and services. We provide the IT processes needed for any function related to sales, right down to collecting payments.



Examples of Philips Innovations


Currently, one of our big projects is the “Blueheart”, overseen by the CEO's office and recently rolled out in Central and Eastern Europe. In short, it is a huge ERP consolidation Programme within Philips, in which we are discontinuing the fragmented SAP systems and moving towards a target system.


The Blueheart Programme is an example of how open Philips is towards continual change, and the priority it places on innovation.


Innovation & analytics that enables the healthcare staff


Just look at our Phillips Innovation Centre (PIC), they’ve developed many interesting products for a multitude of new markets, and I recently came across a project offering simple and cost-effective healthcare solutions for less developed markets.


It’s a platform that semi-skilled healthcare staff in remote areas can use to send first-level diagnoses to doctors in the cities. The doctors can review the information and dispense advice, aided by the software to increase the accuracy and consistency of the diagnosis. This eliminates unnecessary and costly travel for patients and doctors, and reduces the time needed to address the issue.


Another thing that we're all very excited about is healthcare informatics, which expands our business to include the sale of services and software. Our platforms can extract data and intelligence from our systems to help healthcare professionals make better decisions, and allow better monitoring of patients under home-care.


This is a a key differentiating factor for Philips; the organisation that delivers the best intelligence and analytics is the one that will win the market.



Choosing your own profile and career goals


I have seen my colleagues move from one group to another within IT, people move from IT delivery to IT operations, and techies progress from enterprise IT to healthcare IT or a completely different role.


It keeps people engaged. Although I feel like my career map is clear and I can plan my progression, the definition of my role in Philips is not limited to my department. 

At Philips, you get to create the career profile of your choice, as career progressions do not merely follow a vertical path.

Enthusiasm for work


I work with an enthusiastic set of people who find meaning in their work each day. People at Philips are well-engaged, evident from the fact that there's very little attrition from our team.


Of course, like any other organisation, we face challenges. However, people here are generally optimistic and enthusiastic about their work, creating an environment that I look forward to daily, even after more than three years on the job­­.

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